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January 1999 Progress Notes Online
Professinal Relationships between Chiropractors and Massage Therapists
DC's Treatment ruled medically necessary: State Farm Must Pay Claim.
Medicare: A word about modifiers & 1999 Reimbursement Levels
Changes of Physical Medicine CPT Codes for 1999

January 1999, Newsbriefs

Update: ACA vs HCFA... stating that "the matters at issue in this action are complex and of substantial importance to the Secretary's administration of the Medicare program," the U.S. Atttorney's Office has announced that it will now handle the ACA's lawsuit against HCFA rather than the Federal Programs Section of the Department of Justice. In light of this transfer of authority, the US Attorney's Office has requested a 30-day exension to respond to the ACA's complaint.

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PARCA Update: ACA-led Coalition Refuses to Endorse New Norwood Bill.... The ACA-led patient Access to Responsible Care lliance (PARCA) will not endorse the Access to Quality Care Act (AQCA), a new managed care reform bill introduced by Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA), because it lacks critical inti-discrimination provisions barring health insurers from limiting provider participation in their networks to physicians. The American Medical Association vehemently opposed the cause even as it supported most of the patient-rights provicions of Norwood's old bill. Norwood said that he did not include the language in his new measure because he was "unable to find any kind of consensus" on the issue."

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New Speaker of the House No Stranger to Health Care Issues... The new Speaker of the House, Rep. J. Dennis Hastert (R, Ill.), has a history of involvement with health care issues. Elected to Congress in 1986, he chaired the GOP task force that developed the Republicans' version of managed care patient protection  legislation, served on Hillary Rodham Clinton's health system reform task force in 1993, and has worked on health issues in the House Commerce Committee. In his ork, he has established a reputation as someone open to hearing all sides of an issue. He is also described as a lawmaker able to bring desagreeing factions together. {American Medcal News, 1/18/1999}

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Minnesota DC elected to House of Representatives... Dr. Jim Abeler, a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic, has been elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives. He is the first DC to be elected to the Minesota legislature since the 1970's. Dr. Abeler, who was elected with a margin of only 394 votes offered special thanks to "all doctors of chiropractic who helped in the campaign". In addition to support from the Minnesota Chiropractic Political Action Commitee, Dr. Abeler received half of his total campaing funds from individual chiropractors. In thanking his supporters, Dr. Abeler said, "I sought this office for the most fundamental of reasons: to protect what is good, to change what is wrong, and make what is go, better. I am pleased to be able to cary the chiropractic message to the Capital. {ICA Review, 1/99}